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Playsure points and 4Playsure parties

You will earn 2 Playsure point for each full £1 you spend.

Once you have earnt 1000 points you will get £10 credit off your next purchase.

Keep and eye out for our offers for Double points. Like our Facebook page to see all offers.

You will receive 5 points for leaving a review on any items that you have purchased and if you send us an email or message with any faults or improvments to the description thats another 5 points that will be yours.

Also if you host or attend a 4playsure party then you will also get 15 points for hosting or 10 points for attending a party!!!

To earn points you must have an account with 4Playsure. 

Are you interested in one of our fun and modern parties?

We hold parties for any size groups whether all girl, all guy or mixed/couples.

Our parties are modern using your own tablets and phones to make your orders and also you don’t have to buy on the night to still take advantage of any party offers. We explain how our website and company works, play some fun games, go through any questions about products and the health benefits from using products.

Want to know what all the fuss is about contact us and book a party today!!!

Currently in the South of England only.

Contact us on email, Facebook or Twitter